Bass station


Low bass isn't just about thumping bass lines but is an integral part of the listening experience. Compact speakers became prevalent at a time when much popular music didn't delve into low frequencies.

The Bass Station is our top category subwoofer, and with the amazing 10” speaker powered by a 70W RMS Class D Active amplifier, it delivers deep and clear depth to your movies and music and compliments all our speakers to a complete listening experience.

As diverse forms of dance music with electronic bass lines have become more popular, along with the emergence of home theatre, people have sought amplification of that bottom octave without wanting to return to big speaker boxes. With the Bass Station your finally found it.

Technische Daten:
Die bass station:
Für alle, die Wert auf perfekt gesteuerte Leistung und überragende Bass-Qualität setzen.

25cm Langhub - Tiefton

150 Watt RMS (4 Ohm)

variabel von 40 Hz bis 120 Hz

> 90 dB

230V CE

Eingangs-'Level'-Kontrolle, Phase 0° oder 180° (frei wählbar), Funktionsschalter (ein, auto, aus)

Höhe: 529mm
Breite: 348mm

13 kg